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Shaun Gallagher & Jonathan Shear (eds.)

Models of the Self

Shaun Gallagher & Jonathan Shear (eds.):
Models of the Self.
Exter: Imprint Academic, 2000.

Imprint Academic:
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This volume edited by Shaun Gallagher and Jonathan Shear is one of the best books on »the self and self-consciousness« of recent years. The 28 contributions to the volume were previously published as an ongoing debate in the Journal of Consciousness Studies (1997-99). The large majority position themselves, critically or in agreement, in relation to the introductory essay by Galen Strawson who develops a phenomenology of self-consciousness from the perspective of a »realistic materialist«. The other contributions provide a wide discussion of almost all the questions that are currently investigated within the philosophy of mind and continental subject philosophy, presented under the keywords of neuro-philosophy, developmental psychology, pathology, and methodology (including »meditation-based approaches«). References to Buddhist theories of consciousness are incorporated almost naturally. This is done not only by authors such as Robert Forman, Jeremy Hayward, Jonathan Shear, or Steve Laylock who have already been known for their cross-cultural ambitions, which they underline once again through their articles in this volume. Others do so too, whether philosophers, psychologists, or neurologists, even though their foci of research otherwise hardly touch on questions of interculturality.

Wolfgang Tomaschitz

Translation from the German by Dominic Sargent.

polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy 4 (2003).
Online: http://lit.polylog.org/4/sgstw-en.htm
ISSN 1616-2943
Author: Wolfgang Tomaschitz, Vienna (Austria)
© 2003 Author & polylog e.V.
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