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Andrew P. Tuck:
Comparative Philosophy and the Philosophy of Scholarship. On the Western Interpretation of Nagarjuna

Oxford 1990


Oxford: Oxford UP,
127 pages
ISBN 0-19-506156-X

Oxford University Press:
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  The Nāgārjuna's Mādhyamikakārikā was written during the 2nd century AD. It is indisputably one of the most fascinating work in Buddhist philosophy. The fascination derives from the fact, that the text often escapes the totality the interpretations of European scholars. The volume contains a revealing compilation of the various ways in which Nāgārjuna was interpreted in different epochs and genres. The 'styles' included are German Idealism, analytical philosophy and post-Wittgensteinian philosophy, among others. The way, in which these interpretations were approached in this book shows, that the dealings with the works of Nāgārjuna constitute a history of successive fallacies. The interpretations mainly reflected the style of those new Philosophies gaining acceptance.

Ursula Baatz, Vienna

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