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Larry A. Samovar & Richard E. Porter (eds.)
Intercultural Communication: A Reader

Belmont et al. 2000


Belmont et al.: Wadsworth,
9th ed.
480 pages
ISBN 0-534-56241-8

Wadsworth Publishing:
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  In North America, intercultural communication established itself comparatively early as an independent academic discipline. From the very beginning, the discipline was guided by one book: Samovar's and Porter's Intercultural Communication. When the first edition of this classic reader was published in 1972, it achieved the task set by the editors just as well as the 9th edition still does today: it enables a solid approach to the analysis of social interaction between people of different cultural origin. Almost 50 articles, most of them revised and updated, and some completely new, give a broad overview over the field. Theoretical fundaments are covered as well as specific sociocultural contexts and influences, verbal and nonverbal interaction as well as communicative competence. Some ethical reflections conclude the volume. While some of the positions may be viewed critically, all in all the volume does nevertheless provide a representive survey of the current state of discussion in North America.

Bertold Bernreuter, Munich

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