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Raúl Fornet-Betancourt (Hg.)
Armut im Spannungsfeld zwischen Globalisierung und dem Recht auf eigene Kultur

Frankfurt/M. 1998


Dokumentation des VI. Internationalen Seminars des philosophischen Dialogprogramms
Frankfurt/M.: IKO, 1998.
340 pages
ISBN 3-88939-353-5
(Denktraditionen im Dialog: Studien zur Befreiung und Interkulturalität 2)

IKO – Verlag für interkulturelle Kommunikation:
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  This documentation is a collection of presentations, which were held at the 6th seminar of the Program for North-South Dialogue. The Program aims at an interdisciplinary and intercultural orientation. The dialogues between various theories shall not be a comparison of systematic constructions of theoretical standpoints, but a transparent and open train of thought. The presentations are divided into three thematic areas. The first part deals with the perception and awareness of different aspects of poverty in the context of globalisation. The second part contains discussions about philosophical reactions and contributions towards a better understanding of phenomena such as pluralism and multi-culture. The third part is an introduction into reaction coming from the practical fields of politics and social work. The fields of problem, which arise from global social tasks, is leading to fruitful results, when brought into dialogue with approaches to cultural identity. The dialogues presented in this volume contain interesting approaches for discussion and offer concrete perspectives towards the definition of just world orders.

María José Punte, Vienna

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