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Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti
Classical Indian Philosophy of Mind. The Nyaya Dualist Tradition

Albany, NY 1999


Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1999.
XX, 309 pages
ISBN 0-7914-4172-5

State University of New York Press:
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  Next to the numerous descriptions of Buddhist philosophy of mind, this book provides a clear and readable introduction into the philosophy of the Indian Nyaya school of thought. Central focus is cast on the difference between Nyaya dualism and Cartesian dualism. This approach leads Kisor Kumar Chakarbarti to an insightful discussion of contemporary positions in the field, such as Derek Parfit, Sydney Shoemaker, and Saul A. Kripke, up to David P. Jackson and Thomas Nagel. Furthermore, the position of the Nyaya school is portrayed in relation to Sankara and Buddhist theories. This is to be welcomed as it closes a gap in the description of a context which can assist to make the development of the grand Indian doctrines on the nature of the human mind understandable, also in regard to their differentiation from each other.

Wolfgang Tomaschitz, Vienna

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