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Notker Schneider, R. A. Mall & Dieter Lohmar (Hg.)
Einheit und Vielfalt. Das Verstehen der Kulturen

Amsterdam – Atlanta 1998


Amsterdam – Atlanta: Rodopi, 1998.
395 pages
ISBN 90-420-06663-3
(Studies in Intercultural Philosophy 9)

Editions Rodopi:
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  Since 1993 the Studies in Intercultural Philosophy customariliy published the proceedings of the international Society of Intercultural Philosophy (SIP). Volume 9 (Autum 1998) contains the contributions of the conference with the title Einheit und Vielfalt (Unity and Multiplicity), held at Bremen University in October 1997. The central concern of the conference was the meaning of truth and its binding quality respectively cultural multiplicity. The agenda was split into three categories of concern: I. Logic, Methodology and Hermeneutics of Interculturality, II. Perception and Practice: Is there a difference in gender?, III. Philosophy and Intercultural Education. The wide spectrum of participants, including an increasing number of female contributors, gives way for new concepts and approaches which will be an enrichment of the discourse.

Anke Graneß, Leipzig

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