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Bettina Bäumer (ed.)
Kalâtattvakoúa. A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts

New Delhi et al. 1992 und 1996


New Delhi et al.: Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, Motilal Banarsidass
Vol. II: Concepts of Time and Space
1992, 478 pages
ISBN: 81-208-1044-9
Vol. III: Primal Elements – Mahâbhûta
1996, 446 pages
ISBN 81-208-1402-9
ISBN SET: 81-208-1045-7

Motilal Banarsidass:
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  Both volumes – the first is already out of print – are reference books for basic concepts within Indian culture. The articles, each about 20 pages long, give an insight into etymology, explanations in the context of historically specific meanings as well as the relevant expressions in Indian art. Detailed primary sources in sanscrit including English translation were provided. The subtitle "Concepts of Indian Art" could instead of refering to art, religion and philosophy similarly be called culture.
  Many of the used terms do not have an equivalent in European languages. The terms are genuinly Indian, and therefore culturally specific ones, which however are not restricted to one of the the apparent religions in India. The dictionary is an exellent source for scholars of India studies as well as those who are not alike. It provides insight of great value.

Ursula Baatz, Vienna

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